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If you are looking for the older stern drive, Stringer, parts then you may have to settle for used and salvaged OMC parts.

How to find salvaged OMC boat parts step by step.

1. Get Your OMC Model Number

OMC Model Number TagThere are many different Stern Drive models and many different stern drive manufacturers. The first step in finding the right used OMC boat part is in knowing what model and year your stern drive is. OMC Model numbers can be found in a few places such as on the Engine Valve Covers, Thermostat Housing, Shift Interrupter assembly, or on the fuel filter bracket. If you can't find the OMC tag with the model and serial number then you can always use the year of the boat as a general reference. To find the year that your boat was built you can usually look at the last two digits of the Hull number. The hull number is almost always cast into the gelcoat on the Starboard transom. If you are looking at the back of the boat you should find the hull number in the upper right corner.

2. Look Up Your Parts

omc parts look upNow that you know your OMC Model number and approximate year you can go to an online stern drive parts look-up to find your part numbers. This way when you do find parts online you will have a better idea if they are the Correct parts for your OMC stern Drive and not a waste of money! Having your OMC part numbers will save you time when you call somewhere for parts.



3. Shop For OMC Boat Parts

I have been working on OMC Stringer Stern Drives for over a decade and in that time I have had to become quite resourceful in finding parts. The Following Shops are the top ten best places, that I have found, to buy Used and Salvaged OMC Boat Parts.

1. Green Bay Propeller & Marine Salvage©
Green Bay Propeller LogoThese guys have tons of 1970s and 1980s OMC Stringer Stern Drive parts. Greenbayprop.com has almost every single part for 120 and 140 hp OMC Stern Drives from 1977-1985. Unbelievable selection and everything is guaranteed.


2. John's Boat Place
MarinaThis place has tons of used and new old stock OMC parts such as upper units, lower units, tilt motors, Propellers, exhaust manifolds, and pulleys.


3. Ebay 4000 OMC Parts On EBay©
Ebay LogoWhen you shop on Ebay you are looking through many different sellers at once. This is a good way to compare OMC parts and used prices, but you have to research each seller that you plan to buy from. If not you could end up buying something that is wrong and not returnable or be waiting for 4 weeks for a part from a seller who was on the other side of the world.

4. South Side Marine
This place specializes in OMC parts. They have an extensive inventory of new OMC parts that are not even available any longer.